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We launched the beta apps on 02.02.2020 as promised.
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Mindfulness is the Ultimate Goal

Mindfulness is a master key for commanding the law of attraction. Like attracts like. As within, so without. Nothing rests. Everything moves. Everything vibrates. Everything is dual, everything has poles and everything has its pair of opposites. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Every cause has its effect; Every effect has its cause. You see where we are going with this.

The below is a sneak peek at the dozens of projects that are aimed for one goal; mindfulness. It is a vague term for many people, and It's for good reasons. Our goal is to spread the words that matter. We still have 2 months of work to speed things up, and we know that this path never ends. Yet, we're honored to announce that we are already ranking on the first page for Google searches related to mindfulness, law of attraction, and personal growth.

We have a marketing campaign scheduled for 06.06.2020 to introduce our new products.

Until then, the Vibe Circle apps feature law of attraction quotes and affirmations in addition to carefully selected top-notch media. Keep in mind, that this is just a start although it's a really good start that took months of research and development. :)

Here's a list of projects created by #theVibeCircle.

Top Resources for Personal Growth

We analyze thousands of sources every month, and determine the best content creators for Personal & Financial growth via the Law of Attraction and Spirituality. The valuable information created by these beautiful people are distributed through the Vibe Circle apps and partners.

Personal Growth & Success News

We are also building a news site focused on personal growth. Unlike the main mobile apps, this one is open to a larger tier of contributors. Anyone is welcome to become an author for Vibe Circle News. Simply register and we will contact you via e-mail to grant you author permissions.

Law of Attraction Coaches

We are also building a supplementary project to feature the top law of attraction coaches.
Simply go ahead and get your free{username} account that links to all of your social media accounts as well as providing cool analytics and more.

If you are a more general life coach, checkout :)

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