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My name is Bridget of Divine Essentials, divinessential. com For the past several years I have been on an amazing journey! Awakening into my passion, gifts, and exciting new abilities! In 2011 I went through a massive download of information and shifts to my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body. This awoke something in me, a hunger, thirst, desire to learn more, grow more, and help others! My past was not always easy, I have been through some crazy lessons, but I am now at a point where everything has fallen into place, I have aligned with the Universe, and feel amazing! My hope is to inspire others who are awakening to shift more, step into their passion, purpose, and mission! Channeling guidance from various star nations, with the biggest connection to the Pleiadian Emisaries of Light, has allowed me to tap into information, wisdom, and light that can greatly impact your life! Here I plan to share all of this with others to assist more awaken into their purpose!

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